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Break In Notice

Break In Notice

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Notification of Station Tent

The RA of Puteri 12 has strongly embraced the philosophy of Community policing in our effort to create a safer living condition. We are now in partnership and working closely with the police for crime prevention.

In our effort to assist the police in preventing crime, especially during this Chinese New Year, on top of our present security measures, the residents of Puteri 12 have sponsored tents, so that there will be more security stations surrounding Puteri 12. The purpose of these security stations is to maintain vigilance and enhancing security measures where we have stationed guards in the tents by standing watch to enable them to respond immediately to any incident and also a proper shed for our guard under the sun or rain. We have also purchased bicycles so that the security guards could carry out their duties outside of the tents by patrolling their assigned area which has been scaled down and the police will be conducting more routine patrolling by supporting and checking on each security station. So far, we have already set up 10 tents in various prime locations surrounding Puteri 12 and we have also raised the number of guards.

To be successful, Community policing requires the total commitment of the residents of Puteri 12 with our security guards and the police. For your information, our police authority is very supportive and looking forward that our Puteri 12 is the first resident responding with their community policing and will be coming to launch the project with us on 29th January 2011.

All these efforts and project conducted, I as Chairwoman would like to thank all the elected and security committee together with resident inputs who has unconditional contribute their time and effort to take over the management of the security together with the police force. They have set up a system to manage the security guards and all security prevention as a trial period for both the RA and the Security Company to perform.

Fellow residents of Puteri 12, we should back all the committees and residents who is volunteers and took the initiative to:- sponsors the security stations, sacrifice their precious time with family, train our guards on behalf for the security company and going meeting with the police force to enhance our security for the Chinese New Year, where all of us can “balik kampong” with a peace of mind that our house will be safeguard during this coming Chinese New Year.

I should say, we should be very thankful to them and fully support them and give them the encouragement and full authority to run the project for the betterment of our Puteri 12 security. If you need further information, visit each station there are timetable, maps, and reports books for residents to write in your comments to better up or improvement for this new project with positive comments to better the security. Please do not demoralize any volunteers anymore because they are also resident of Puteri 12 and want to have better security. We will view every comment on a monthly basis and meet our security company to improve further if necessary and also to assistant our security guards to better themselves and give a good service to us on a win win situation.

Take care of our guards too, make them feel we appreciate them in return if they perform their duties well. Chinese New Year is coming soon, all residents, if you think you appreciate them, give them drinks or CNY goodies, no obligation, so that when we balik kampung the guards and police is around within our areas to look after our houses.

Thank you very much to all sponsors who have contributed a fund for this project to make this successful project a reality.

Happy Chinese New Year to all residents of Puteri 12, have a safe and happy journey back to your hometown, have a peace of mind this year, our guards and police are here to take care of your home.

Betty Yap

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Horseback Patrol to Curb Crime

Horseback Patrol to Curb Crime...
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A Colourful Christmas @ the Palette

Only Locals and Nepalis Can Work as Guards

Only locals and Nepalis can work as guards...
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More than Half of Gated and Guarded Schemes do not Follow Guidelines

More than half of gated and guarded schemes do not follow guidelines...
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